Tips for making small rooms bigger

Small is beautiful as the saying goes, but sometimes we want to make those small rooms appear a little bigger without having to knock out walls or redeveloping. There are a number of ways you can achieve this and in our latest blog we'll show you how.

Size matters...

With so many different sizes available from mrs stone store there is a lot to consider when planning your project. Looking at different sizes and playing around with laying patterns you can try different options to see which works best.

Using smaller tiles will mean more grout lines, think of mosaic tiles. With this in mind smaller tiles can make spaces look busy and crowded and in turn makes rooms appear closed in as the image below illustrates.

Tips for making small rooms bigger #2

This compact kitchen over on Houzz is a great example of how using larger, neutral tiles helps to reflect the light to create an illusion of space. Using a lighter colour scheme turns this small kitchen into an airy space. The use of transparent acrylic chairs and high gloss cabinets makes this a peaceful room and is a great example of how a small room can be transformed following a few simple guidelines.

Direction matters...

By cleverly using rectangular floor tiles such as 60x30cm Brazilian slate tiles you can give the appearance that the room is wider or longer than it is. The tip here is to lay the tiles with the longest edge running across rather than down the room giving the illusion of width. By laying tiles with the longest edge running down rather than across you can lengthen a room.

Even small spaces can be quickly and easily transformed just by placing your tiles in a creative manner. For inspiration to help create your dream home visit and take a look at the range of natural slate and limestone on offer as well as getting advice on the best flooring option for your project.