The raw beauty of using natural stone in interior design

In this week's blog we look at what it is that makes natural stone such an attractive option for many interior designers, homeowners and architects.

One of the most endearing aspects of natural stone is that each and every tile is ever so slightly different. Although tiles can be cut from the same block of stone; like a tree the patterns and deposits within each of the layers will vary and it is this uniqueness that adds to the beauty of working with natural stone.

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Here's what you need to know about stone tiles, and why at mrs stone store we love natural stone in all of its quirky, unique, beautiful glory:-

Samples are just a snapshot...

As stone tiles are unique, no two pieces will be the same. This does add to their charm, but is also important to bear this in mind when planning the placement of individual tiles for fixing, and if you are matching to an existing colour scheme.

When we send out our complimentary tile samples, each one has been sealed to show you what the stone will look like when you use the correct natural stone sealing and maintenance products. If you have ordered two of the same samples you will see variations in them and it's important that you understand that these are to be used as a guideline rather than a guarantee of the colour ranges - the photos on the website are a great source for looking further at the variances.

The raw beauty of using natural stone in interior design #3

Brazilian black slate for example can vary from deep charcoal shades through to mid grey and sometimes have a clouding effect across the tile surface. Some pieces of stone may have a significant colour change, texture, patterns and dimensions. Variances, whether they be dimensions, colour, pattern or texture are inherent in any natural stone and are what makes it such an individualistic material to work with.

The raw beauty of using natural stone in interior design #4

A unique beauty...

Stone flooring looks stunning and is incredibly versatile in terms of the look and style that can be achieved. There are a few different types of surface finish available with natural stone, for example, Moleanos Limestone is available in cream, blue and white honed options, so depending on what 'style' you wish to create, there is a finish to suit.

The raw beauty of using natural stone in interior design #5

It is worth talking to our consultants about the look you want to achieve and where you are laying the stone so that we can advise you on the best finish for your requirements; for example at mrs stone store we will always offer you practical advice about what finishes work best for certain project areas.

A professional's advice

If like us, your heart is set on the beauty of natural stone, then our team of experienced stone consultants will be delighted to help you. If you want to visit us in person we are based in the heart of Derbyshire and our showroom has an array of beautiful stone tiles to choose from.

This allows you to get up close to the natural stone you like, feel it, and see the texture and colour variations and just how individual each piece can be.


You will also find a Question & Answer section on our website where you can submit a question regarding your particular project or browse or knowledgebase.

We can also help with all the ancillary products needed to fix the tiles, as we stock a full range of Mapei grouts and adhesives as well as the sealers and maintenance products from LTP.

Come and discover the raw beauty of natural stone for yourself - and fall in love with its distinctive nature.