Creating contemporary interiors using an age old material

Natural stone has been around for hundreds of years and has been used in some of the world's oldest, most iconic buildings such as the Taj Mahal in India and the Sacre Cour Church in France.

Today, it is still a material in demand in the interior design and home renovation sector and has gained a reputation for bringing a timeless, chic and classic look to many homes around the world. Equally though, natural stone can be used to create stunning contemporary spaces with a modern design touch.

Luxurious underfoot

For spaces looking to make a grand statement, honed limestone flooring is one of the most luxurious types of finish available, and will instantly add a contemporary feel to any space. Choosing a warm, rich limestone tile such as Moleanos Classic Beige adds instant finesse and elegance to any area. The delicate shell detailing, adds interest and its versatility makes it a practical solution for walls and floors.

Creating contemporary interiors using an age old material #2

Contemporary patterns

One of the best things about working with natural stone is that you can be creative in how you choose to use them. With clever planning it's possible to mix colours to design patterns and re-create popular trends such as geometric or industrial.

Whilst man-made bespoke tiles may be beyond many budgets, using many of today's design resources such as Pinterest, Houzz and Room Edit, it is easy to draw inspiration as to how natural stone can be installed to create contemporary and eye catching features.

Creating contemporary interiors using an age old material #3

Rugged fresh style

The words 'rustic' and 'rugged' could be considered a juxtaposition in terms of design styles when you think of contemporary modern interiors, but - there is a trend at the moment for mixing natural materials and sleek furnishings together, to create a modern antiqued look.

One of the most versatile natural stone products for achieving this is the split face stone cladding panels. These are highly textured 3D wall panels that are fixed direct to the wall and instantly revitalise and transform spaces.

Creating contemporary interiors using an age old material #4

With the wide variety of natural stone available now it has never been easier or a better time to revamp your living space and design a modern, contemporary area. Whether you are looking to take on a project for indoors or outdoors, mrs stone store can help you achieve your interior ambitions on the right natural stone to bring your ideas to life.