Creating a feature wall using natural stone

At mrs stone store we work with a variety of customers, from homeowners through to interior design consultants and architects. Our fantastic selection of natural stone allows us to be able to supply quickly and we have a range of stone to suit all budgets and interior styles.

Recently we worked with interior design company Smith Ranson Interiors in supplying our split face slate panels for a 1970's bungalow renovation they had been engaged on in Newcastle. Our range of split face tiles have become increasingly popular since their introduction as they are a fantastic way to bring walls to life and a great alternative to other traditional wall coverings.

Creating a feature wall using natural stone #2

The house wasn't a new venue for Smith Ranson Interiors, having worked on it several years ago the brief now was to transform the living space into something much more fluid, to make the space a home that was easy to entertain in and had a luxurious and modern feel to it.

With a huge wall expanse up the staircase that was viewable from a number of angles in the room it this was the perfect setting to lay our slate wall panels to draw the eye upwards and provide a focal point in the room. Mixed in with the luxurious and opulent fabrics including chenille, velvet and faux fur the raw stone walls matched in perfectly and blended the different textures perfectly.

Creating a feature wall using natural stone #3

Our range of split face tiles can be viewed online and offer an amazing decoration solution which transforms walls and is ideal for use indoors or outdoors, in both commercial or residential settings.